About Us Testimonials

Michelle Sanders


I completed a course from Fire-Med and it helped me to get a job. I thank the guys for their expertise and professionalism. They know their stuff. The online courses you offer are a great way to prepare for employment.

Mike Marshall

I’ve been looking for a while to find some online tests and like what you have to offer. These have really helped me prepare for getting hired on with a Fire Department.

Sarah Jefferson

I needed to redo my WHMIS quickly and didn’t get a chance to book in before my job. I did it online that night and my employer was happy the following day. Thanks you guys saved me.

Andy McFarlane

I want to become a Fire Fighter. I like what you guys have to offer, all the stuff I need to get hired. I did the aptitude tests and want to do others to help me improve my chances.

Carolyn Uremesn

We put our staff through your Fire Warden Training and its definitely the way to go, its informative and saves us time and money when we can do it online. I love the course and so do our staff.