About Us FAQs

Q:  How long are my certificates valid for?
A:  Most courses expire within 1-2 years, depending on the course you took. Check the course details, it may be as short as 1 year.

Q:  What qualifications do you or your instructors have?
A:  All our instructors come from medical or fire backgrounds and meet the qualifications required for teaching that subject as well as being experts in their field. Some staff are paramedics and EMT’s while some of our fire staff are NZQA, NFPA 1001, 1003 and NFPA 1006 qualified.

Q:  What standards do your courses meet?
A:  Most of our courses meet the standard set by the body relevant to that subject. If it is not an approved course then we follow best practises, that means taking guidelines, manuals to develop a course that is safe and covers all topics to make you competent in what we teach you. In most cases Worksafe New Zealand and NZQA are our principle guidelines.

Q:  Should I take an in class course or do an online course?
A:  Both our courses are designed to suit your needs, in class courses offer personal contact with our instructor to aid and assist you with the content as well as offering real life experiences. Online course suit people who lead busy lives and while they still come out with the same qualification they can study at their own pace in their own environment.

Q:  Do you offer services other than online?
A:  Yes we do, while our staff develop courses mainly for online purposes we come from a variety of backgrounds with extensive experience in fire and medical. We have a number of instructors who can teach a number of disciplines from medical to technical rescue. We also may be able to provide medical care or specialised rescue services for a specific job. Contact us to see if we can provide the services you require.

Q:  When you do rescue or medical work how do I know your team is up for the job?
A:  All our staff are currently active on fire departments or EMS, they are up to date with skills and do emergency service for a living. They have attended hundreds of real emergencies and can provide service to you as a customer no different to that in the field. They are well trained and ready for any emergency.