About Us Trial Evacuations

Trial Evacuations include:

  • A reminder six weeks prior to the building’s evacuation due date, confirming authority to go ahead and acquiring any relevant information regarding changes to the building.
  • Liaison with the relevant on-site contacts to arrange the most appropriate time and date for the trial (if/where necessary).
  • Filing appropriate notification with the NZ Fire Service in accordance with legislation.
  • Attendance on site to prepare the building and its systems for activation.
  • Assessment of the site, taking into consideration any extraordinary circumstances, changes in the building or its tenancies.
  • Making contact with the relevant Emergency Services Communications Sections prior to evacuation.
  • Activation of the fire alarm and commencement of the trial evacuation
  • Observation of and review of the evacuation process. This includes timing the trial and noting procedural confidence in accordance with the protocols established in the NZFS Approved Evacuation Scheme.
  • Returning systems to normal polling status at the completion of the evacuation.
  • Conducting a Warden’s post evacuation debrief and procedural review, making adjustments as necessary to ensure efficiency.