Search & Rescue Paracord Bracelet

Price: $20.00



  • Rescue bracelet with the Search and Rescue member in mind. Comes with a whistle, flint and striker, should you need to light a fire in an emergency
  • Contains up to 10’ of “light duty” or regular paracord. Light duty paracord uses only the outer sheath of the military spec paracord. We take the center strands of the paracord out to make the bracelet super thin. Because of this, the breaking strength of this cord approximately is 250 pounds
  • The regular paracord breaking strength is approximately 550 pounds.
  • In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the light duty paracord for your use
  • The stainless shackle adjusts on your wrist and contains a break away safety feature



  • Paracord is super strong cord used for the rigging inside of military parachutes. It is an incredible material that is used in thousands of other ways by the military and outdoor enthusiasts. Because the Light Duty only uses the outer sheath, the paracord approximately is 250 pound test instead of the traditional 550 pound test.
  • An average 7.5” Bracelet contains approximately 9’ of paracord
  • You can unravel your paracord Bracelet in any emergency. Once the paracord is deployed, you can use it however you may need it! .


  • Adjustable Stainless Shackle – Clevis Pin – Our most popular closure
  • All the strength of the original shackle screw pin but super easy to put on
  • Push the pin through the tongue and shackle to secure the bracelet. This closure secures the bracelet, but is much easier to take on and off than the original screw pin version.

Plastic Side Release Buckle

  • The plastic release is not adjustable and does not have the breakaway feature.
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