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A firefighter toolkit, also for EMT’s, paramedics, hazmat teams, and other emergency responders. First developed for other platforms in 1999, this essential toolkit is now here for iOS, better than ever. Don’t bother with the copycats — go with the original! Now a universal app so you get iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch support with one purchase.

This app is compatible with current iOS version. We recommend that you upgrade your device for best results and future compatibility.

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HYDRAULICS (US & Metric Units)
–Flow Rate, Nozzle Reaction
–Friction Loss
–Needed Pump Pressure
–Customize calculations by entering your own friction loss coefficients
–Hose weight and volume
–Hydrant Flow Testing

WATER DELIVERY  (US & Metric Units)
–Estimated Fire Flow (NFA formula)
–Estimated Fire Flow (Iowa formula)
–Tender Shuttle Flow Rate

–Arson, chimney fire, CO emergency, commercial fire, confined space, decon, foam use, gas leak, hazmat, high rise fire, landing zone, mass casualty, RIT, structure defense, trench rescue, vehicle crash, structure fire, vehicle fire, wildland fire

–Documentation and response tips: SOAP, vitals, SAMPLE, 17 chief complaints, DCAP/BTLS, GCS, LOC, OPQRST, rule of nines
–Anatomy diagrams: abdomen, brain, circulatory system, heart, respiratory system, skull, blood vessels of arms and legs
–EKG strips: 20 sample strips, measurement guide, and 12 lead placement diagram
–Lung sounds: listen to crackles, wheezing, and stridor
–CPR guidelines and CPR Metronome
–START Triage guide

–Study for your next certification, or just refresh
–Interactive “flash cards” with multiple choice questions
–Firefighter: 30 chapters, 500+ questions
–Fire Officer: 7 chapters, 330 questions
–Driver/Utility: 5 chapters, 80 questions
–EMT-Basic: 30 chapters, 800+ questions
–Paramedic: 21 chapters, 800+ questions
–Terrorism Response: 50 questions
–NIMS IS-700: 29 questions

–Search the ERG 2012, over 3800 chemicals
–ERG contains: Health hazards, fire/explosion hazards, public safety, protective clothing, evacuation procedures, fire response, spill/leak response, and first aid response.
–Search the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
–NIOSH guide contains: CAS & RTECS number, chemical formula, REL, PEL, IDLH, description/odor, molecular weight, boiling point, freezing point, melting point, solubility, specific gravity, flash point, UEL/LEL, reactivity, first aid, respirator, exposure routes, symptoms, target organs, and more technical information.
–Common placards with ERG guides
–Road trailer diagrams with guides
–Railcar diagrams with guides
–NFPA704 placard guide

–Fire service knot diagrams
–Dry barrel hydrant diagram
–Hydrant color codes
–USAR structure triage markings
–Fire extinguisher reference
–Building construction reference

NOTE: This is an educational tool only. Rely on your own experience during actual emergencies.

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