Smoke Alarm – Photoelectric

Price: $23.99

The New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) recommends you have an escape plan and identify escape routes out of every room in case of fire. The NZFS say you may only have one or two minutes from the sounding of the alarm to when your life is seriously threatened by fire or smoke

Photoelectric smoke alarms are sensitive to detecting slow smouldering and other fires which produce larger particles of smoke, such as those produced by burning foam / rubber, cigarette smoke and other synthetic materials.
These types of fires can smoulder for hours before bursting into flames.
Flashing LED power indicator
• 9V battery
•Low battery indicator alarm
• Easy installation, with mounting hardware

Photoelectric (PE) Smoke Alarm.
• Responds faster to slow smouldering fires producing large smoke particles (eg. smouldering wood, overheating PVC wiring)
• Susceptible to contamination from dust and fibres
These should not be installed in particularly dusty areas.

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