Self-Rescue 2nd (How To Climb Series) for Kindle

Price: $9.99

Whether you need to assist your partner past a difficult section of a climb or rappel down a multipitch route with an injured climber, you owe it to yourself and your fellow climbers to be prepared. Self-Rescue fully describes and illustrates a variety of techniques that every climber needs to know for safety and self-reliance.
Now completely updated and revised with the latest techniques—and accompanied by Mike Clelland’s clear, detailed illustrations—David Fasulo’s Self-Rescue remains the definitive resource on the topic.
Look inside to find:
• A new approach to self-rescue concepts: terrain, technical ledges, baseline, and belay escapes
• Tools and primary systems
• Knots and hitches
• Anchors and belays
• Patient assessment
• Terrain assessment
• Hands free
• Course of action—descend
• Course of action—ascend
• Course of action—stabilize/shelter in place
• Toprope rescue
• Second rescue
• Leader rescue
• Search and rescue
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