Fireground Calculator

Price: $5.79

Whether you are studying to be a Firefighter Engineer or simply looking for a quick reference tool, this new Fireground Calculator can rapidly provide calculations, confirm your estimates, and help you practice your skills, in a fun and simplified instrument created for today’s firefighters. Designed and developed by members of one of the most nationally recognized Fire Departments in the country, the Fireground Calculator simplifies the process of calculating friction loss and pump pressures for most fireground scenarios.

Taking out the guesswork, you can calculate the optimum PSI (pound per square inch) in just seconds. Start by choosing either a handline, or masterstream hoselay. Then select the appropriate nozzle tip, hose width, length, elevation, and any added-on appliances, and voila! The program calculates on the fly to give you the appropriate pump pressure you need for the scenario you are facing. This is a useful, timesaving application for any fire department. You can use it as a training tool for new recruits or out in the field to get it right on the first try, every time.

This app utilizes a quick calculation method which converts all hose diameters to 2 1/2 inch for friction loss.

– quick, easy to use PSI calculator for any standard fire scenario*
– wrench icon to set the preference for the maximum PSI
– warning alert when you have exceeded maximum PSI
– quick shake reset to return to default settings

* wildland fire scenarios excluded

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